Friday, 23 February 2024

Maria & Mark's relaxed & fun Winter Wedding at Fernhill

Maria & Mark's relaxed & fun Winter Wedding at Fernhill
The fabulous Maria & Mark were married in the beautiful St. Joseph's Church, Cloughduv and celebrated their marriage here with us in Fernhill last November. Maria & Mark went to secondary school together & started dating when Maria was in 5th year and Mark was in 6th year. Mark had moved to London in 2016 for work & Maria soon followed in 2017. They lived there for 6 years and returned home to Ireland in January in 2023.
In April 2022 the couple planned a trip to Sicily & Milan. Maria had hopes of getting to Lake Como to see the 'Instagramable' Lake Como sunset but was let down as the sun was completely covered by clouds. She got up to leave & the next thing she knew was Mark was down on one knee! Maria tells us 'the next few days were a blur in our little love bubble before returning to my Mum's house for celebrations!'

From the get go Maria & Mark wanted a a fun & relaxed day for themselves and their family and friends. 'It was amazing to have all our nearest and dearest from all parts of the world with us in one room. To see and hear all the laughs, stories, smiles & dancing was all we envied. It was everything we expected and more! I think the Ian Hendrick's Band version of 'Freed from Desire' as our first dance song really set the mood for the rest of the evening!'
'West Cork beaches & Fernhill have always been places we visited throughout the years so that was always the vision for our wedding. From early on we met with Ann & everything was ''not a problem'' which completely fit with our relaxed fun vibe. Nothing we asked was too big or too small. As we visited Fernhill after booking we nearly met the entire O'Neill family by the time our wedding came on November 24th which was absolutely beautiful. We were made to feel that our wedding was the only wedding of the year and the attention to detail, professionalism and kindness from the whole team was amazing!' 
Maria's advice to future couples is that, 'Everything will work out. Enjoy the running around, the busyness and the kindness of friends and family. One of our fondest memories from the preparation is from two days before our wedding doing the table plan and favours with friends and family in our sitting room.'

'We currently have no honeymoon planned as it's GAA Championship season and  prep is ongoing but we are hopeful to go to Dubai and the Maldives in November.'

Photographer: Ted Murphy

We would like to thank Maria & Mark for choosing Fernhill to celebrate their wedding & wish you both every happiness for your futures together.