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Environment Friendly Fernhill

Here at Fernhill we understand that we all have a part to play to protect the environment for future generations. We hope that this will allow you to enjoy your stay even more at Fernhill.

Here are just a few of the things that we do:

-Solar panels are in place to provide our hot water & reduce emissions.

-We have our own sustainable water supply from our on site well. We monitor its purity to ensure that it is world class for our guests.

-Michael jnr is a director of Sustainable Clonakilty and was a board member of the European Union’s EDEN group, the largest collection of sustainable destinations in the world. Getting involved in community environment projects allows us to reduce an even larger carbon output than our own.

-Our gardens use sustainably sourced water, are kind to the local environment and have many Irish plants & trees.

-We give back to the community by employing almost 100 local people, buying locally, sponsoring local events/charities/groups & getting involved in several organisations.

-We own a river valley referred to as ‘the glen’ next to the hotel which is a natural state. We do what we can to protect it as it is a great resource for local wildlife.

-We have a strict recycling & composting strategy to reduce waste.

-We try to source our food & products locally to keep our ‘food miles’ & carbon footprint low. We also grow some of our food from herbs like thyme, bay leafs and more.

-Many of the floral arrangements at Fernhill are sourced from our own gardens.

-We are currently planning an extensive tree planting programme to add thousands of trees to the ones that already reduce carbon & provide a more natural environment at Fernhill.

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