Monday, 14 March 2022


Saoirse and Tony first met on a night out in Cork City where Tony asked the lovely Saoirse if she wanted a drink. Saoirse declined at first but after spotting Tony later on in the night she asked if that drink was still going, they had their first date the next night!

Saoirse tells us how Tony proposed at home on New Years Eve. 'I had to go into the office for a few hours and Tony set up the sitting room with loads of flowers and candles. I rang him before I was due home and told him I was going for a drink with my friend as it was her birthday, the poor guy said 'ok fine but don't be long.' He collected me a bit later and when I got home he told me to go straight upstairs and pack as we were going to West Cork for dinner in my brother and sister in laws restaurant Monkslane and staying the night. He called me down to help with something and there he was on one knee with all the candles and flowers, it was amazing. I said yes of course after I got over the shock!'

'Our wedding was postponed many times due to Covid, as were many others. We had a much smaller wedding than we planned but it was a stunning day. All we had wanted and more. Fernhill were exceptional from start to finish, throughout all the planning, rescheduling etc, they made our day so special. They go above and beyond with their attention to detail and ensuring that we had the most amazing wedding day. It was such a beautiful, happy, relaxed special day.'

Saoirse told us the most important aspects of their wedding day was family, friends, music and food. 'We love our food and have a few foodies in our family. Our granny ran a restaurant called The White House and I grew up with amazing food, and Gavin and Michelle own and run Monkslane. The quality of food in Fernhill is incredible.'

We asked Saoirse what made Fernhill 'the one'? She told us 'we wanted a venue that was intimate but not small. We were looking for somewhere to have the ceremony and reception all in the one place. Fernhill has stunning gardens, the beautiful marquee and the reception room. It felt like we were in different venues throughout the day. Ann, Neil and all the staff made us feel that nothing we asked for was too big or too small and just made us feel so comfortable from the get-go.'

On giving advice to future couples planning their day in Fernhill Saoirse said to 'relax and enjoy the day, it goes by so quickly, just take it all in. You don't need to worry about a thing during the day, the staff at Fernhill think of everything and are always on hand if anyone needs anything. Just enjoy it all.'

Saoirse and Tony got to spend some time travelling around Ireland, Roscommon, Sligo, Galway, Clare and finishing in Kerry. 'It was lovely and so nice to explore our beautiful country.'

Thank you very much to Saoirse and Tony for sharing their gorgeous wedding photos and wedding tips with us. It was an honour to host your wedding day here at Fernhill and we look forward to welcoming you back to Fernhill in the future.

Photographer: Mark Coombes